We use mathematical models of the human body with AI support to diagnose and predict the development of diseases, and recommend optimal treatment methods.


Building on its achievements in advanced human genome analysis, Digital Invest Inc. continues to evolve towards reshaping the landscape of traditional medicine. The essence of the new project, The BioMath Life Platform, is to shift the focus from statistical methods in disease diagnosis and treatment to mathematical ones. Using digital simulation, this approach opens up broad opportunities, particularly in predicting disease progression and the potential response of the body to treatment even before testing it on a patient.

The Biomath Life Platform

Our vision

We are not newcomers to biotechnology, Big Data, Сloud Computing and AI. For years, we've honed collaboration models with scientists, doctors and engineers, ensuring each contributes invaluable experience, working together seamlessly towards a common goal.

Now, it's time to reap. The expertise gained in creating advanced human DNA profiles, combined with the vast potential of Neural Networks, Deep Learning, cloud technologies, and modern advancements in biomathematics and generative AI, along with extensive medical and genetic data, has brought us to the launch of a project to create a biomathematical model of the human body.

For what purpose, you may ask.

In a nutshell. The human body is an incredibly complex and delicately balanced system. Any disruption in one organ affects the efficiency of others to varying degrees. Such imbalance makes it difficult to identify the cause, the "weak link." Often, only the second or third organ in the chain exhibits external symptoms and manifests in test results. However, diseases often don't leave us time to test hypotheses, experimenting on the patient. Delays in decision-making lead to serious, sometimes irreversible consequences. Traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment allocation often take too much time compared to the pace of disease progression, leading to irreversible situations.


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Michael Kofman

Dear Investor,

Welcome to the Digital Invest Inc. website, and allow me to introduce our innovative project, The Biomath Life Platform. This project is an extension of our team's advanced DNA analysis work, which has been ongoing since 2010 under the GENEX Company banner.

The Biomath Life Platform utilizes mathematical modeling methods to simulate the human body, incorporating the latest advancements and our experience in genetics, biotechnology, pharmacology, as well as neural networks and specialized models. Our focus is on advancing personalized medicine by transitioning from statistical methods to mathematical approaches in diagnostics and disease prognosis.

Through close collaboration with scientists and mathematicians from respected medical schools to refine our model, we have conducted in-depth research on how various factors, including genetic traits, medical history, lifestyle, environmental conditions, and many others, impact an individual's health.

Our primary goal is to simplify the understanding of a patient's overall health status and prognoses for treating physicians, providing them with recommendations for the most effective treatment methods with minimal side effects. We believe this approach can significantly alleviate the burden on healthcare systems and provide patients with quicker access to medical assistance and quality treatment.

Over the past seven years, our team has conducted a thorough analysis of the successes and failures in the field of systems biology by our predecessors. Refining our idea, we have identified a set of criteria for achieving success and developed a step-by-step plan for its implementation.

Recent progress in establishing the necessary hardware infrastructure, as well as innovations in the architecture of neural networks and related industries, indicates the attainment of these criteria. This fact allows us to confidently state not only the possibility of achieving profitability but also obtaining significant profits from the commercial use of our product amid the growing global demand for digital healthcare services.

I invite you to explore the project materials on this website and decide for yourself: are you on board with us? Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Michael Kofman



Digital Invest Inc.
On the Market since 2010

(former GENEX Company)

Digital Invest Inc., a company with many years of experience in research, development and commercialization of advanced technologies, including biomolecular research, diagnostics and precision medicine based on the analysis of the human genome.

The company boasts a team of seasoned specialists and managers, each with extensive expertise in spearheading groundbreaking ventures. Our collective experience spans diverse domains such as genetic analysis, Cloud-based Processing of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, telecommunications, e-Commerce, data security, and more, including the successful establishment of international enterprises.

Currently, our primary objective is to leverage our amassed knowledge and expertise to undertake a comprehensive Precision Medicine 2.0 initiative. Our professionals possess a proven track record of implementing similar projects on a bi-national scale, and now is the opportune moment to apply this invaluable experience for the betterment of United States citizens and people worldwide.

Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazin: Digital Invest Inc.: Unleashing Healthcare Transformation with Tailored Treatment Strategies


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Michael Kofman


is a renowned technological visionary known for his dynamic approach to understanding the ever-evolving needs of today's complex market. His expertise encompasses executive acumen, strategic analysis of emerging technologies and markets, information security/privacy, research and development, marketing, administration, and investment banking.

As an entrepreneur, board member, and advisor for both public and private companies, Michael Kofman has successfully founded several companies in the United States and Europe.

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Alex Tur


is an accomplished and proactive manager with an extensive engineering background holding high-level positions. His proven leadership acumen in managing both internal and outsourced international teams, fostering the development of interconnected products. Mr. Tur is adept at unraveling complex ideation challenges and devising innovative implementation strategies for corporate clients and startups across diverse sectors such as e-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Healthcare and more. Also, over 20 years of hands-on experience in multidisciplinary software and hardware development are in his background.

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Karina Gorfin


is an accomplished executive leader and advisor to international corporations worldwide for over 25 years. Ms. Gorfin has managed to rise up to executive level positions in all of her career endeavors. Early on in her career she held a corporate counsel position for an international trade company where she earned the position as the youngest executive in the company. Ms. Gorfin was later recruited to join a successful technology start up organization that grew under her supervision to a multimillion-dollar company and was acquired by a publically traded company.

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Dr. Christian Kling

Head of Advisory Board

is a Senior Advisor and ESG Specialist within Spearhead’s Wealth Management division.

Dr. Kling holds a BS in Economics from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, an M.B.A in Finance and a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from Columbia University, a Ph.D. in Economics from The University of Michigan, where he was a Ford Foundation Fellow, and a Master of Divinity from Yale University.


GENEX Company, 2010

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